Complete our listener survey

Let us know how we are doing by completing our listener survey, so we can improve what we do!

It’s an essential part of our remit as a community radio station to ensure we are meeting the needs of our listeners in Swanage and across Purbeck.

So we are asking you to complete a short survey – it should take no longer than 10 minutes.

The results of the survey will help us deliver radio programmes that are enjoyed across our local community.

Gather the views of Purbeck residents and visitors

Purbeck Coast FM’s station manager, Michelle Langthorne said:

“We’re interested in gathering the views of Purbeck residents and visitors to better understand levels of awareness, use and satisfaction with the radio station.

“The radio station is currently part funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, and they’re keen to understand how the radio station is benefiting listeners and the wider community.

“To help us improve what we do, and hopefully provide a case for additional funding to continue Purbeck Coast FM after the lottery grant ends, we would be grateful if you would complete the survey!”

Complete the survey

Purbeck Coast FM’s listener’s survey