How it All Began

Swanage Pier Trust began developing the concept of a Swanage Pier Community Radio Station in 2014. At the time, plans were underway for renovating the Pier and regenerating the site to provide the historic structure with a sustainable future.

In order to achieve sustainability in the long term, one of the key components is gaining greater involvement and support from the community. Part of this involves identifying a range of different activities which encourage people of all ages to take part.

img_3500Due to the enthusiasm and interest generated from research and community engagement, a project was launched to build a radio station. Independent funding was identified which was not connected to the Pier renovation programme.

The aim is to launch a full time Community Radio Station from the buildings at Swanage Pier, streaming online and eventually progressing to an FM frequency. The station will be predominantly run by volunteers from the local area. It will broadcast a blend of interesting chat, promoting local news, stories and events, and will carry a mix of music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today.

One of the most common visitor phrases is ‘I used to come to Swanage on holiday as a child with my family’ therefore a key objective must be to provide visitors with a mix of music and chat to rekindle those happy days.

The station, Purbeck Coast, will act as a community hub, offering sign posting services for community groups. It will also promote charity awareness and offer the perfect platform for open discussion between local residents, who will be encouraged to volunteer and have a voice within their community.

We anticipate that the station will help promote the amazing opportunities around the locality and attract a brand new (all year) audience, inject fresh energy and encourage more people to engage with Swanage Pier and take part in their local community.

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